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Being a classically trained musician of the highest caliber and an innovator being firmly focused on the future, Dale Harris continues to push boundaries, bringing you the most varied guitar-based music in the world. His repertoire includes classical, Spanish, jazz infused improvisation, folk, country, ragtime, popular, etc. This is the official website of guitarist-musician Dale Harris, whose performances have spanned the British Isles and the rest of the world, including tours, recordings and radio broadcasts as a soloist and with other successful artists, have established him as one of Britain's most versatile guitarists.

You can expect all shapes and makes of guitars in the music of Dale Harris: Spanish-classical, celtic-folk, 12-string electric, midi-synth, baroque 24-string lute, plus FX pedals, loops, some backing tracks and many other unusual sounds!

Dale's solo concerts are an event to behold. Audiences are spellbound by his uncanny ability to create magic from just about any genre you care to mention. Dale is not only fully-trained classical musician who can reel-off any number of repertoire pieces both popular and obscure without pretense, but he can play anything from jazz to rock to ragtime or flamenco, country to blue-grass acoustic, delta-blues slide electric, Indian classical raga and all with an authentic flair for the style executed with a twinkle-in-the-eye sense of humour and a death-defying level technique. He'll imitate drums, trumpets, the Nashville steel-guitar, play pieces entirely on the tuning pegs, lay down live loops, trigger synths or bass pedals for self-accompaniment.

Dale Harris